What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils (or EOs) are the oil soluble components of plant matter. They are made up of terpenes, volatile compounds, meaning they evaporate easily. Lavender, basil, oranges, rose petals, peppermint, and several hundred more plant species contain EOs with amazing qualities. Essential oils are extracted from the plant in one of several methods: steam distillation; cold pressed (like the rinds of orange/citrus fruit); and, solvent extraction. For some EOs, it may take several hundred pounds of plant material to produce small amounts of oil. The oil, as a result of any of the extraction methods, is VERY concentrated, and should be treated with the utmost safety precautions and care for its state of potency. You should NOT create any blends without the guidance of an experienced practitioner and safety/toxicity guidelines.

Uses of Essential Oils – past and present

Essential Oils have been documented since the beginning of time to have positive and healthy effects on the body. The Bible makes reference to Frankincense and Myrrh. Egyptians used EOs for several cosmetic purposes and for mummification. EOs are a major reason why mummies have been preserved so well! And there is romance! It is said that Cleopatra drenched the sails of her ship (and herself) in Jasmine oil, a natural aphrodisiac. When her barge pulled in, the port was overwhelmed with the natural aphrodisiac and Marc Anthony fell in love with her and left his empire for her.

Beyond smell, EOs have been shown to have extremely effective qualities topically, to promote healthy skin.

These are the qualities of EOs that Super Body Care embraces in the creation of each and every product, by leveraging the strengths of each Essential Oil's most prominent characteristics.