About Super Body Care™

Super Body Care produces two main lines of products: Skin Care and Air Fresheners. We make our products with the best essential oils (pure botanical and fruit aroma scents/aromatherapy) grown across the best regions on Earth. We are based out of Santa Clara, California and have been producing products since 2008.

After the founder Cheri Heberling, became a certified Aromatherapist In 2004, she discovered a combination of plant oils that were effective at maintaining healthy skin.  She endeavored to create a line of body care that was a natural alternative to harsh commercial antibacterial products and that was the start of our Original Fresh scent; a strategic blend of Peppermint, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Lavender, and Bergamot.

Because so little selection is offered in the marketplace of pure scents harvested straight from nature, Super Body Care brings additional scent collections in 2015 of pure Pink Grapefruit, Bulgarian Lavender, and an Anti-Stress blend. There are so many artificially scented products on the market. We have been trained to like the way fake strawberry or "blue" raspberry or even coconut would smell, which is nothing like its real counterpart in nature. Super Body Care provides pure therapeutic scents directly from nature that are safe, enjoyable, and effective.

Super Body Care offers a wide selection of body and bath items, for the active lifestyle consumers, and natural product connoisseurs. Super Body Care is excited to offer our newest product like no other, a line of Crushables Air Fresheners, an alternative to the common toxic air fresheners on the market.


For more info, please call:

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