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Deodorizor product page Whole Smells“One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Mankind took a wrong turn when the advances in science seduced us into duplicating nature in the lab. Weve got fake strawberry smell, fake cherry smell, fake coconut; the list goes on and on. People actually think coconut smells like tanning lotion, when indeed it does not. Crack open a fresh coconut folks, there is no such smell.

People are attracted to these fake scents because we are pre-programmed to think they smell fresh! Or like strawberries, or cherries, or coconuts! In reality you smell carbon atoms that have been linked to form a specific structure that copies the molecules in nature! You cant copy nature! Man cant copy the space within the space within the space within the space. Nor can man isolate one of those components without missing its several co-components. Nature is perfect. Carbon made copies are cheap knock-offs at best, at worst they are toxic.

Now heres where we get back on the right track.

So many customers have become addicted to the scent of our plant oils (Peppermint, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Lavender, and Bergamot, blended consistently in each product. Now we have packaged our Super plant oil blend in small portable air fresheners called Deodorizors. They make it their business to neutralize odors! Put them anywhere stinky. A gym bag, a car, a locker, shoes, a closet, boxing gloves, sports equipment, or just put it in any small environment and enjoy how it creates a pleasant micro-atmosphere.

Some Customer Feedback:

I drive a bus all day so I place a Deodorizor close to me. It makes the bus smell great all day and it keeps me in a good mood!

I picked up a Deodorizor over the weekend and popped it into my bag and 5 days later it still smells great!! The Deodorizor rocks!

Everytime I get into my car it smells like Im at the spa.

..and that is just some of the feedback were getting.

Go check out the Deodorizors for more info and make a purchase of some smell-good today.

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