Thank you Veterans!

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Veterans Day promotion Thank you Veterans! Super Body Care would like to thank all veterans! Get a FREE full size Loofah Soap Bar with purchase of any Super Body Care product. At checkout, note the vet’s designation, and we will automatically include a Free full size Loofah Soap Bar with purchase.

It takes a certain person to serve their country, these courageous men and women. Super Body Care has been to several events with a lot of military in general, but have worked a lot with Marines in the sport of MMA. I look at their scars and wonder to myself, the story behind each one: a scar across the top of the hand, a scar on the cheek, or on the forearm. Or the wizened face of a soldier returning from war. Once, I met a soldier at a grappling tournament, who had lost an arm, and is now a “Wounded Warrior” These are the realities. Since I travel a lot, I try to shake the hands of men and women I see in uniform, usually at the airport. Some shake my hand confidently right back; others gush and saw “Aw thanks.”, and others look at me like I’m an alien. We appreciate you!

This month we sent 200 Body Sprays to the men and women overseas by teaming up with Operation Creekside, an organization who sends care packages. Because the environment is so harsh, less frequency of showers and hand washing, we hope our Body Sprays will help keep some of the men and women we are honoring today clean and healthy.

Here’s to you fellow Americans and protectors of the United States of America!

Super Body Care’s products will always stay made in the U.S.A. You’re willing to fight for it, and so are we! Thank you!

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