Funky feel-good properties of Super Body Care

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Creating Super Body Care products has been an amazing experience. I’m inspired to do it and impart health unto you my friends and customers! We all have a purpose and talent to share and give to humanity, I believe. In 2004, I was able to realize that, study the science of essential oils (plant oils) in 2004, and become a certified Aromatherapist under one of the best aromatherapists I know in the intimate community of Aromatherapists.

Originally, I overlooked the feel-good properties of plant oils, eg Bergamot is well known for anti-anxiety (but also great for complexion/acne). But because plant oils are so over-marketed (tea tree), sometimes mismarketed, (often sold as synthetic/toxic scents by the big conglomerate companies that make it their business to cut corners), I wanted to take a more “results-you-can-see” approach, eg products that create or maintain the healthiest skin ever!!! So when I studied plant oils, I thought everybody was overlooking their benefits when it comes to bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites or in general, the health of skin. (Very effective otherwise the BJJ/grappling/athletic community would not have adopted it.) Not until recent, my customers’ feedback has inspired me to bring into the discussion, the feel-good properties that have people taking longer showers across a nation.

I joke around now and say I’m sneaking aromatherapy under the noses of unsuspecting men across America. This goes back to the mismarketing of plant oils. Everything Aromatherapy was pointed at women, lavender-esque it seemed. It left out the other 50% of our population, men! But men have stress in their lives, and men have bad days, and men can be grumpy and tired and well; to be these, are to be simply human, just like women, and girls and boys, and kids and seniors and….we all have our gyration of feelings throughout any day.

GSC logo Funky feel good properties of Super Body CareMy point is, Super Body Care has been called by customers:

“My attitude adjustment”.

“I take longer showers!”

“I sleep sooo much better after training now that I use your soap! Seriously.”

“I came home and used my SBC bar and body spray and I am relaxed and energized from the great products. It has turned my frown upside down! icon razz Funky feel good properties of Super Body Care Your quality products do great things for my skin!!!”

Plant oils have been used for medical and cosmetic use since the great pharaohs ruled Egypt. Now Super Body Care is re-introducing ancient plant technology so that we can reap the same benefits of the geniuses that built the pyramids.

If you haven’t tried Super Body Care products yet, you’re missing out on the Super Body Care Experience.

To your health and happiness!!!


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