Dirty boys need love too

Saturday, November 13, 2010 · 1 Comment 

Lets face it, boys are made of snails and puppy dog tails. And that’s putting it nicely. icon biggrin Dirty boys need love too

A Mom recently wrote on our Facebook Fan Page “My son came home from wrestling practice smelling EXTRA special, I’ll be making a purchase ASAP.”

Although it’s got some comedic value, it’s also quite serious. If you can smell “stink”, it means you can smell bacteria and fungi. Your nose knows. Pay attention.

It’s flu season, it’s wrestling season, and it’s doorknob season. These types of season run amuck with germs. It’s okay! Germs have been here for billions of years! They are not leaving planet Earth any time soon! You just GOTTA WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN – AT LEAST SIX TIMES A DAY! How many knobs do you come in contact with everyday? (more comedy, drumroll please)

Okay, so how’s a dirty boy supposed to know the difference between Super Body Care products and the Wal-Mart standard?

Valid question.

Point One: We’re the GREEN alternative to antibacterials. Instead of using chemicals we use plant oils of Peppermint, Rosemary, Tea Tree and Lavender. Just google some of these essential plant oils and you’ll see why we use them in place of chemicals. MotherNature knew dirty boys started in the Garden of Eden.

Second point: Can you pronounce the other brand’s ingredients? ’nuff said.

And 3rd- We make our products with high quality ingredients and as natural as possible. Quality is a big differentiator. Do you think there are different qualities of Coconut oil? You can bet your coconuts there are!! But the brand’s ingredients will still say Coconut oil EVEN if it’s bottom of the barrel. This is why you, dear consumer, must be smarter than the average bear and be able to discern from the rest! Even Dirty Boys need to cut through the dirt with quality!

Keep it clean out there….with Super Body Care products! We’ve got a couple new products coming out that will blow your dirty mind…

  • A Body Spray
  • a New Soap Bar size at 5.75 oz w/o the loofah bits
  • 3 different travel kits – great for gifting during the holidays
  • Plus there’s a top secret product that we call the “Game Changer” – we’ll soon unveil that product that will kick off our first product in Home Care. We’re excited to say the least!

soap product page Dirty boys need love too

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