Super Body Cares Founder

Cheri Heberling, Super Body Cares founder, graduated from California Chico State University in 1999 with a BS in Business Administration. She immediately became employed in the IT workforce and was successful quite early in that career path. Yet, something was missing.

Three years into my career, I became apathetic, agitated with my lifes achievements, and my ambitions. In my heart, I felt there was a bigger calling for my talents here on Earth and I wasnt sure how to go about identifying it.

The answer was in the work Heberling was already doing. Since graduating college, she continued to be a student, this time by immersing myself in self-led studies of health, acquiring foundational knowledge in foods, diet, human body systems (immune, endocrine, nervous), natural remedies and, ancient and modern theory on medicine.

In 2004, Heberling became a formal student of noted practitioner Victoria Edwards, focusing her study on essential oils.

Technically, the study of essential oils is referred to as Aromatherapie, a word coined by the French, although I prefer to avoid that term, as it immediately leads most people to conclude that essential oils are for smell/aroma only. So not true! They have qualities that can affect a body in many helpful ways.

Studying intensely under Edwards for 18 months, Heberling became empowered with the knowledge, tools, calculations, and safety of essential oils. Eight years ago in her kitchen, she began creating/prototyping new products.

I gave my products out as Christmas and birthday presents to my friends and family. My first product was an ointment made by infusing several skin healing herbs in olive oil, filtering plant matter, and then adding essential oils to provide additional healing benefits (and they smelled great, too!). That Christmas present was such a big hit, I knew then that I had a talent for creating products that helped people. Several friends reported that the ointment healed many of their skin complaints: skin burns (heat/sun), cold sores, chapped lips, dry/chapped skin, bug bites, minor and superficial lesions. That ointment is one of the more difficult products for me to mass-produce and I continue to keep it in my mind for a future release.

A year later, in 2005, Heberling mass-produced another product that became a favorite among her friends and family – a lip balm.

Creating this lip balm gave me experience in learning about the mass production of a product: calculating a formula and extrapolating using the correct ratio of ingredients; requesting/defining the quality of ingredients used by the manufacturer; and, working with R&D teams to achieve an uncompromising product quality.

The result was a product that thousands and thousands of people have used and loved.

It has now been eight solid years of Heberlings immersion in the study of the health of the human body. She continues to devour and digest information on essential oils, the human body, the effects of foods and diet, holistic health, and the development of a nuanced philosophy connecting – and balancing – it all.

Essential Oils – the secret ingredient in Super Body Care Products

What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils (or EO) are the oil soluble components of plant matter. Lavender, basil, oranges, rose petals, peppermint, and several hundred more plant species have EOs with medicinal benefits. Essential oils are extracted from the plant in one of several methods: steam distillation; cold pressed (like the rinds of orange/citrus fruit); and, solvent extraction. For some EOs, it may take several hundred pounds of plant material to produce small amounts of oil. The oil, as a result of any of the extraction methods, is VERY concentrated, and should be treated with the utmost appreciation and care for its state of potency. You should NOT create any blends without the guidance of an experienced practitioner and safety/toxicity guidelines.

Uses of Essential Oils – past and present

Essential Oils have been documented since the beginning of time (CE/BC) to have positive and healthy effects on the body. Even the Bible refers to Frankincense and Myrrh. Egyptians used EOs for several cosmetic purposes and for mummification EOs are a major reason why mummies have been preserved so well! And there is romance! It is said that Cleopatra drenched the sails of her ship (and herself) in Jasmine oil, a natural aphrodisiac. Upon pulling into dock, Marc Anthony fell in love with her at first sight and left his empire for her.

Beyond smell, EOs have been documented to combat viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic microbes and organisms.

These are the qualities of EOs that Super Body Care embraces in the creation of each and every product, by leveraging the strengths of each Essential Oils most prominent characteristics.

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